Human Resource

Human Resource

One of the competitive advantages of Ricons is our high-quality human resources: highly-qualified, committed, experienced and not afraid of change to make a difference. With a heightened sense of responsibility and commitment to quality, efficiency and progress, Ricons’ staff always strives to overcome all obstacles with the fullest of their capacity, creativity and dedication.

We understand that human resources are the most valuable asset of a business. Therefore, Ricons focuses on quality intake to facilitate later training and orientation of career development. The company has established Ricons Academy Training Center – a place for all employees to be well-trained and to improve their skills and professional qualifications, ensuring that everyone can work best to their strength and contribute to the sustainable development of the Company.

In the journey to success, Ricons aims to not only build its brand as the leading construction company but also create a desirable working and living environment. 

SALARIES & BONUSES: The most competitive in the market

The life quality of employees is Ricons’ top concern. The introduction of a salary & bonus scheme is always carefully considered to ensure each employee and their family have a quality life. With that in mind, the Board of Directors of the Company has launched a salary & bonus scheme that is among the most competitive in the Vietnamese market.


Ricons holds annual health checks for employees in accordance with the Labor Law. This is also an opportunity for Ricons to offer various health screening options for employees to maintain their health in the best hospitals and clinics in the country.

In addition to complying with the law on compulsory insurance and annual medical examination, Ricons provides a comprehensive health insurance measure for employees and employees’ relatives through reputable private insurers. This not only ensures the health of employees but also helps them feel secure in their work when the health of their loved ones is also protected.

ANNUAL TRAVEL: We always try to give employees great relaxing moments outside of work

Annual travel is the activity that receives the most attention at Ricons every year. After days of dedication to work, Riconsers enjoy various domestic and foreign trips to relax and recharge for future goals of their own and of the Company.

CARING FOR MENTAL HEALTH & SOCIAL LIFE: Your high spirit is at the heart of Ricons

With a view to developing the human resources that are good in professional expertise, physical strength and positive attitudes, Ricons cares about the employees’ mental health and social life. To do that, we stand by you in all joys and sorrows of life. Birthdays, sicknesses, and maternity leaves, we all share your feelings.


“Continuous creation, improvement and innovation for longevity” is one of the outstanding cultural features of Ricons. To foster this culture, the reward policy is thoroughly adopted by Ricons. Rewards are significant in value and provided regularly, which motivates Ricons employees to promote their creativity at work.