General Introduction

General Introduction

With the motto of "Accompanying partners to build prosperity" and the philosophy of Integrity - Transparency - Long-term cooperation, Ricons is committed to establishing a healthy business ecosystem and a sustainable supply chain for businesses with Subcontractors/Suppliers.

Currently, Ricons is operating a supply chain with more than 1,000 partners providing products and services nationwide. On the basis of the "Rules of cooperation with Subcontractors/Suppliers”, Ricons manages supply chain risks in terms of sustainability, such as environment, labor rights, finance, etc., thereby constantly supporting the subcontractors/suppliers to build competitive strengths and grow together.

Administration Strategy

We ensure competitive strengths in terms of cost, schedule, delivery, service and construction, technology and human resources with maximum synchronization, quality and efficiency for subcontractors/suppliers in order to create a business eco-system that fosters sustainable development. We require high standards and international processes in such areas of management as human/labor rights, working environment and business ethics, with a view to building a responsible and transparent governance system throughout the supply chain. We work with many eco/environmentally certified partners to assess and manage the environmental impacts of their products, raw materials or manufacturing/construction processes.

Operation Process

At Ricons, we prioritize building strategic relationships with leading Subcontractors/Suppliers based on mutual trust.

This is why we have developed a transparent process of registering subcontractors/suppliers for new partners, along with conducting assessments to support existing subcontractors/suppliers in enhancing capacity, strengthening competitive advantages and reducing respective risks.

Any company that is willing to offer competitive capabilities/solutions and wishes to work with Ricons can post a proposal for cooperation on our online purchasing system
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    Registering to become a Ricons Partner
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    Key evaluation criteria for new subcontractor/supplier registration
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    Complex Subcontractors/Suppliers Rating and Evaluation Process
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    Working environment for subcontractors/suppliers

Registering to become a Ricons Partner

Join the sustainable supply chain at Ricons with more than 1,000 partners nationwide


  • Enterprises register and provide full business information on the system.
    Ricons receive registration information, check profile capacity and activate account/request for additional information within 1-3 days.
    Account activation: 1 day.
    Total time for receiving and evaluating in step 1: 7-10 working days. Depending on the circumstances, the assessment time may be longer than usual.

Ricons assesses the capacity of new subcontractors/suppliers

  • Receipt of Subcontractors/suppliers competency profile provided when registering an account on the system: 1-2 days.
  • Assessment according to the new Subcontractors/suppliers assessment criteria (details below): 5-6 days.
  • Approve/do not browse to shortlist potential Subcontractors/suppliers : 1-2 days.
  • Total time for receiving and evaluating at step 2: 7-10 working days. Depending on the circumstances, the assessment time may be longer than usual.

Key evaluation criteria for new subcontractor/supplier registration

Full legalization/authorization documents and operational records,
Team capacity and operation management
Capacity and experience in implementing large-scale projects
Environment & Safety
Labor rights
Ecosystem Partner
Complex Subcontractors/Suppliers Rating and Evaluation Process

Complex Subcontractors/Suppliers Rating and Evaluation Process

New businesses joining the supply chain system of Ricons will normally follow the following process.

New partner review

  • 1. Enterprise completes registration and activates account (2-4 days)
    2. Ricons assesses competency profiles (capabilities) and puts them on shortlist (7-10 days)
    3. Ricons transfer documents to Procurement & Contracting Department and related departments (if any)

Ability test

  • 1. Enterprises present company introductions, organize meetings at the Office, Factory...
    2. Ricons surveys and evaluates production facilities, equipment, machines, production/construction processes, test samples...
    3. Ricons completes preliminary assessments and places them on the potential Subcontractors/suppliers list.

Join the project

  • 1. Ricons chooses partners to participate, the form of invitation to bid for the project.
    2. Enterprises submit bids, Ricons evaluates proposals according to price and non-price criteria.
    3. Ricons selects the optimal proposal and informs Subcontractors/suppliers via email, contract letter...

Reviews and ratings

  • 1. Ricons assesses the capacity of Subcontractors/Suppliers during the project implementation on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis, and at the end of the project.
    2. Re-evaluate the project life cycle/projects by scale.
    3. Rank partner capacity and apply respective Subcontractor/Supplier policies.

Working environment for subcontractors/suppliers

At Ricons, we are fully responsible for ensuring human rights management throughout the supply chain, complying with international human rights agreements to ensure a safe working environment. We regularly coordinate subcontractors/suppliers to detect problems early and take necessary corrective actions.

In addition, we encourage leading strategic subcontractors/suppliers to create their own safe work environments and extend that commitment to neighboring partners in the same project. As a result, we build a healthy ecosystem throughout the supply chain.

Subcontractor Policy

More financial support

In the spirit of long-term cooperation and mutual benefit, Ricons shows its support for subcontractors through different forms of financial sponsorship. The Company updates new forms of payment and funding to ensure that subcontractors can be approved for advanced payment and participation in many projects.

Support in public communication and social recognition

When subcontractors successfully finish their work in a project, they are not only recognized by Ricons through official titles such as "Certified Subcontractor" or "Strategic Subcontractor" but also honored on the Ricons system and all of Ricons' public communications.

Support for personnel improvement

Subcontractors take full responsibility for their work in each project, yet they are always supported by Ricons' specialists on the construction site or in the administrative office to improve their teams' capacity and ensure overall efficiency for the sake of all stakeholders in the project.

Opportunities to innovate products and construction methods

Ricons always appreciates and creates opportunities for subcontractors to apply innovative products and construction methods. In addition to ensuring the success of the project, this helps the subcontractors to promote research and development (R&D) activities for stronger, more sustainable growth.

Support for succession planning

In the spirit of long-term and sustainable partnership, Ricons organizes highly practical training courses to support subcontractors' succession planning, to nurture young talents for their next generation. In addition to strategic subcontractors receiving the Prime status, all subcontractors will receive incentives/priorities to attend programs at Ricons Academy.

Cooperation Rules

The rules of cooperation with subcontractors/suppliers help Ricons and subcontractors/suppliers to understand each other's operation clearly and thus cooperate effectively, with as little risk as possible, ensuring the economic, environmental and social requirements for sustainable development.


Fair treatment

Our subcontractors/suppliers expect to be treated fairly. This includes preventing external factors from influencing our fair treatment policy and/or preventing existing relationships from influencing our key decisions.



Honesty is an integral part of ethical behavior, and it is essential for strong, long-lasting relationships.


Exclusivity and Confidentiality

Ricons respects the confidentiality of proprietary information received from its partners. Ricons' employees will never make use of or disclose such information inappropriately. Therefore, when subcontractors/suppliers have access to information owned by Ricons, we expect them to protect its confidentiality also.



Ricons chooses subcontractors/suppliers based on the quality and value of the goods/services they bring. Ricons' policy is not to solicit or receive discounts/commissions that may affect Ricons' decision in choosing subcontractors/suppliers.


Ethical or compliance concerns

Subcontractors/Suppliers or other 3rd party business partners of Ricons are always encouraged to question the Rules of Cooperation for clarification or report any suspected misconduct through the Compliance Helpline.